Halloween Events in Buena Park

Scary Farm 1

Its spooky season!  Are you looking for Halloween Events in Buena Park? With events popping up all over Southern California here are the best Halloween events right here Orange County.   


Let’s get right into it. Here’s what’s to come.

-Knotts Scary Farm (for the adults)

-Knotts Spooky Farm (for the kids)

– Pirates Dinner Adventure Vampirettes (for everyone)

– Cops and Goblins (FREE locals event)

Knotts Scary Farm

Nobody haunts better than Knotts Scary Farm.  Did you know Knotts Scary Farm is Southern California’s LARGEST Haunt Fest?  Monsters lurk around every corner with a seasonal cast of crew members specializing in terror.  Every year Knotts innovates this event updating their haunted houses, mazes, thrill rides and sinister shows.  More than 1,000 creatures are hiding throughout the park to make the event even scarier then the year before. Fear that could make your toes curl. Here is the latest and greatest at the most terrifying event of the season. Want to see more?  Click the links added below to get a peak at what’s to come.   

The Haunted Maze Bloodline 1842 arms guests with laser rifles before sending you into the darkness to fight deadly blood thirsty vampires.  Want something even more eerie? The Dark Entities maze teleports you into a realm of darkness to face terror around every turn.

Scary Farm 2

Beware the Pumpkin Eater this October in the Pumpkin Eater maze. This 7 foot tall creature will sneak up on you as you make your way through the old world surroundings fearfully trying to navigate your way to the end, but before you do you’ll have to crawl through a cave of insects, walk through the silent town of victims that weren’t so lucky and solve the labyrinth of thorns as you struggle to find your way out.

Scary Farm 3

The mining crew has mysteriously disappeared in The Depths Maze. The tales surrounding the horror within  the tunnels haven’t been confirmed.  Beware those who enter the caves may never return.  

Do clowns scare you? Maybe skip the CarnEvil boardwalk where evil clowns will be sure to cause you spine chilling fear that the evil carnies practice for all year round. You’ll never look at a clown the same again.  Lurking up and down the boardwalk, hiding in the darkest of corners the clowns are coming, the more you scream the closer they’ll get.  

Are you afraid of the dark? The Grimorie is. The mysterious book unleashes unknown creatures that only the mind could dream up.  Embark on a journey of tales of finding the ancient relic that releases the fear from the pages into the everyday world.

Looking for a show? This years show Carnival du Grotesque will fill you with terror and delight your darkest desires with a death defying fright show. Are you a Knotts Scary Farm fanatic?  Into the Farm is a Scary Farm tribute art show that showcases 49 years of Knott’s Scary Farm fun all in one place.

Looking for a scarier show? The screams of the night echo throughout the fog in Calico Ghost town. The conjurer of dark magic uses all of his tools as he’s looking to connect with the other side in the conjurer of dark magic show. Want more dark magic? Mesmer’s sideshow of the mind dives deep into the psyche to hypnotize fear into your cerebral releasing the darkness within.

Scary Farm 4

Looking for a classic Knotts ride turned into terror around every corner? The Castle of Chaos is an abandoned carnival ride that’s become a refuge for freaks and carnies, you’re trapped in the ride until the end with the spookiest of creatures. This ones for those that don’t mind a fright. The classic Timber Mountain ride has also been transformed by terror as you venture past the Calico Coffin Creature Band to splash your way down the mountain.

This year the Forsaken Lake is filled with a lot more than murky water. Gothic creatures search for victims to pull back to their watery grave so watch out as you walk past the lake, you never know what’s coming.  

Want early entry into the Haunted Fun? The Boo-ffet lets you dine with the spooky cast while chowing down on Knotts favorite foods like their famous Mrs. Knott’s Fried Chicken and boysenberry pie.  After dinner you’ll be let into the park for early access to hit the mazes and attractions before all the crowds.   

The Gore-ing 20’s is Knotts newest scare zone created to terrorize even the bravest souls. Ghostly damsels and gangsters run the streets in this hooch filled scare zone. Get your tickets to Knotts Scary farms select dates while they last. 

Knotts Spooky Farm
trick or treat

Looking for something not so spooky for the whole family? You’re in luck, Knotts specializes in that too. Knotts Spooky Farm has activities all day long for the kids to help you and the family into the Halloween spirit.  Have your little ghoul or goblin get into their costume and head to Knotts Spooky Farm.

The pumpkin patch in the heart of Ghost Town brings the Halloween cookie decorating fun, additional fees apply for this Halloween activity. Looking for a fun family friendly ride? The Halloween Hootenanny lets you splash around on the log ride with Krazie Kirk and the Hillbillies serenading you through the ride.

Looking for a show and Knott’s most loved character? Snoopy takes the stage at The Great Pumpkin Palooza dressed up in his costume too along with the whole peanuts gang.  Want to be part of a show?  Strut your stuff in your Halloween Costume in the costume cavalcade featuring Calico’s mayor and YOU!

Spiders, creepy crawlers and bugs? Oh my!  At the Creepy Critters show bring the kids to experience these interesting bugs and spiders with a full on informational approach to some of the seasons most interesting crawlers.

Looking for a sweet treat? Along the Ghost town gold mine trail is where all the trick or treating is at!  Take a ride through the Calico Candy Mine to be taken through a candy wonderland the kids will be sure to love.  Get your tickets to all the Halloween fun here.

Pirates Dinner Adventure: Vampirates!

The classic Buena Park dinner show is back but themed for Halloween! The Halloween Spooktacular takes place all October long creating a Halloween experience that you and the whole family will love. The Vampirates takes dinner and a show to a whole new level.  The whole family can come dressed in costume, or not, to watch Pirates vs Vampires.  A show filled with sword play, aerial artistry, adventure, romance and Halloween fun everyone is sure to love.  Travel back to the 1800s and climb aboard Captain Sebastian’s ship for a full 4 course dinner and a Halloween show that will keep you coming back for more. Don’t forget their weekly weekend costume contests! Get your tickets to this Fall favorite show while they last.  

Cops and Goblins
trick or treat 6

Looking for something FREE  to do in Buena Park this Halloween? The Cops and Goblins spooktacular is back!  Presented by the Buena Park Police Department and the Buena Park Community Services Department let your little meet their community and some of their hometown heroes while getting their trick or treat on. They will have candy and a costume contest for the kids. October 31st from 2-6pm at 6650 Beach Blvd, Buena Park CA 90621. Click here for more information about this FREE family friendly Halloween event.


Halloween events in Buena Park attract locals and visitors from all over Southern California to Orange County’s largest spooktacular events. Put Buena Park on your list for SoCal Halloween Fun!

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