Knotts Scary Farm

Knotts Scary Farm

Spooky season is almost here. Like any good fall tradition many California residents have Knotts Scary Farm on the list of Halloween musts. For those who don’t mind the fear factor and appreciate the utterly terrifying parts of the Halloween season there’s no other place to be than Knotts. This year Knotts Scary Farm celebrates 50 years of being California’s favorite Haunted Halloween Park. Completely transformed for one month only.  5 decades of innovative thrills, sinister scare zones, terrifying mazes and a show line up that will haunt you in your dreams. This year the haunting season begins September 21st. Lets take a look at what the golden anniversary of Knotts Scary Farm has to offer.   

Grab your single night pass for select dates September 21st through October 31st. A ticket into the park will cost you $109.99 plus taxes and fees. If your a season pass holder make sure to apply your discount for single night entry. For those who truly love the fun and the fright Knotts Scary Farm offers season passes for only $149 + taxes and fees. A tickets will get you entry to 10 mazes, 3 of which are brand new to the Knotts scene this year, four shows and five scare zones in addition to all the Knotts rides. Get your tickets HERE.  

Simply A-MAZE-ing

Classic mazes like The Grimoire, Bloodline 1842, dark entities, the depths, Origins: the curse of Calico, Wax works, and Mesmers: Sideshow of the mind are back. For the 50th anniversary celebration 3 brand NEW mazes have been unveiled. Room 13 is an additional step inside of  Knotts famous The Gore-ing 20s. Step inside the extravagant Argive Hotel where many have checked into room 13 with few ever checking out. Beware of the devils elixir drawing you into the sinister maze.  The Chilling Chambers Maze pays homage to the 50th celebration taking things back to the first ever Knotts Scary Farm maze. Pairing both original and new ways to terrify you. Unleash 50 years of terror if you dare. The Cinema Slasher maze brings a mystical midnight theatre to life bringing out some of the horror from those hair raising slasher films of the past. Terror behind every bend, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Learn more about all of the Knotts mazes HERE. 

Scare Zones

After dark there’s no safe place on the streets of Knotts. The scare zones have been carefully designed  and perfected over the last 50 years. Proceed with caution as you as you make your way through dark paths, smoke filled streets and flashing lights. Don’t look now, there’s something hiding, waiting… just for you as you walk down the streets hoping to make it through unscathed. The monsters practice year round for the sinister month of fear with the 50th seeming to bring out even more of the monster within. Don’t miss the original and largest, Ghost Town scare zone. If clowns terrify you stay away from the Boardwalk where the evil clowns of scare zone carnevil play and wait for the perfect opportunity to fill you with fear. Step into the dark decadence era of the Gore-ing 20s scare zone where the secret speakeasy on memory lane ignited the deadly curse that haunts visitors.  Creatures lurk in the dark murky waters of the gothic Foresaken Lake scare zone. New to the scene The Gauntlet scare zone is a reimagined version of the fan favorite. Wicked wizards, lawless peasants, barbarians, maniacal jesters and the wrathful King and Queen make up this reimagined zone. 

Learn more about Knotts Scare Zones HERE

Spooky Shows

The scariest shows Halloween has to offer are finally here. This year Knotts Scary Farm will have 4 spooky shows. Dr. Cleaver the demented doctor is back to take you into the great beyond.  Le Magnifique Carnaval du Grotesque will share the scariest, death defying feats at Knotts. NEW show Music, Monsters and Mayhem will rock all night long taking you through a provocative journey of the past 50 years of Knotts Scary Farm. A cast of 24 singers, dancers and comedians The hanging: uncancelled returns with the vilest villains in a parody stunt extravaganza. 

Halloween Treats and Seasonal Food

Halloween is synonyms with candy and sweets to indulge in. For Knott’s favorite time of year they’ve rolled out all sorts of brand new food and drink items from savory to sweet to celebrate their 50th anniversary.  Here is what you’ll find throughout the park at this years Knotts Scary Farm. 

Nightmare Oreo Cheesecake Bars

Halloween Snoopy & Spider Cookies

Raspberry Beignets

Graveyard Mousse Cups

Dracula Bites

Black Whoopie Pies

Monster Krispies

Jack- O- Lantern Brownies

Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies

Black Velvet Cake with Orange Buttercream

Bloody Mary Cake

Sweet Potato Zombie Pie

Skull and Witch Cupcakes

Halloween Snoopy Cupcakes

Halloween Cake Pops 

Fingers and Toes Ginger Snap Funnel Cakes

Cinema Slasher Funnel Cake

Spooghetti Pie

Cereal Killer Funnel Cake

Ginger Snap Funnel Cake

Mac and Cheese Pepperoni Pizza

The Swamp Gator Sausage

Camel Stew

Ostrich Hogue

Mezmers Midnight Salad

Witches Green Bean Fries

A La Diabla Fries

Bat shhh Crazy Pasta Salad

Eerie Elk Chili Burger

Dracula Fingers Garlic Breadsticks

Mutant Turtle Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

French Onion Bagel Burger

The Gauntlet Garlic Overload Burger

Terrifying Teriyaki Meatballs

For the crafted drink section this year your find something for everyone. The Knotty bean and Ghost face mocha for the coffee lovers. Try new and returning favorite drinks like red rum runner, Skeleton Rum Chats, into the Fog and “blood bags” for those looking for mocktails and cocktails.  

Add-ons, extras and memorabilia

Want to dine with the spookiest team around? Knotts lets you do just that with the Boo-fet add on. The Boo-fet will give you park access to some of the mazes early in addition to filling up with some of Knotts favorites and Halloween themed foods. Tickets to the boo-fet start at $45. This year for those not into being completely terrified are the No Boo lights, you can purchase these lights in the park and take part in the fun without some of the fear. They work throughout the park with the exception of the mazes. For the Halloween lovers you can purchase interactive lanterns to take through the park that change colors and interact with the mazes. You’ll find all sorts of 50th themed merch throughout the park from tees to coffin bags, grab your gear and memorabilia.