Orange County Speakeasy Bars

Orange County Speakeasy Bars

In an age of flashy lights, digital extravagance, and instant gratification, there’s something undeniably magnetic about stepping back in time and entering a realm of hushed conversations, clandestine entrances, and masterfully crafted cocktails. Speakeasy bars, those hidden gems tucked away behind inconspicuous facades, have garnered a devoted following, and their enduring popularity is no mere coincidence. Here’s a glimpse into what makes speakeasy bars so incredibly sought after all across SoCal and some Orange County ones you don’t want to miss!

The Thrill of the Hunt

Speakeasy bars tap into this sense of adventure by requiring patrons to go on a quest to find them. Unmarked doors, secret passwords, and discrete locations hark back to the Prohibition era, when seeking out a place to enjoy a forbidden drink was an exciting escapade. This element of discovery lends a layer of intrigue to the speakeasy experience, creating a sense of satisfaction that goes beyond just enjoying a drink.

Escaping the Ordinary

Speakeasies are often designed to transport patrons to a different time and place, providing an escape from the ordinary. The carefully curated ambiance evokes a sense of nostalgia and elegance. The dim lighting, unique decor, and carefully chosen music combine to create an immersive atmosphere that encourages patrons to disconnect from the outside world and immerse themselves in a more refined and enigmatic environment.

Craftsmanship and Innovation

One of the cornerstones of speakeasy bars’ popularity lies in the art of mixology. Patrons are treated to a level of craftsmanship that elevates the act of enjoying a cocktail to an experience of its own. Talented mixologists, armed with an array of premium spirits and fresh ingredients, concoct drinks that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. The revival of classic cocktails alongside inventive new creations showcases the dedication to preserving tradition while embracing innovation.

Exclusivity and Intimacy

Speakeasy bars often embrace an intimate setting with limited seating, making each visit feel like an exclusive affair. This exclusivity lends an air of sophistication, creating a sense of privilege that patrons relish. By requiring reservations and limiting capacity, speakeasies maintain an atmosphere that encourages meaningful conversations and connections between patrons. In a world increasingly dominated by digital interactions, this tangible and personal experience is a refreshing change.

Storytelling and History

The allure of speakeasies also rests in the rich history they embody. Each speakeasy has its own unique story to tell, often drawing inspiration from the Prohibition era or other historical contexts. This narrative aspect adds depth to the experience, giving patrons a sense of connection to the past and a role in keeping history alive.

Sharing the Secret

In a paradoxical twist, the very secrecy that defines speakeasy bars also contributes to their popularity. Sharing a hidden gem with friends becomes a badge of honor, and word-of-mouth recommendations create a sense of belonging to an exclusive club. Social media plays a role, allowing patrons to share glimpses of their experiences while still preserving the sense of mystery that surrounds these establishments.  Hashtags and geotags, carefully curated Instagram posts, and word-of-mouth recommendations all contribute to the mystique that surrounds speakeasies.

Now that you’re excited for your speakeasy experience, lets take a dive into some of Orange County’s most popular and exclusive speakeasies. Make sure to make reservations in advance if you’re lucky enough to snag a resy!




There’s no surprise that Anaheim is home to one of many speakeasy bars. This cozy speakeasy located in the Anaheim packing district is one you’ll need to make a reservation for. Halloween is their season with a changing cocktail menu and decor to fit the season. Snag a reservation in advance if you can!



 This Cigar club is much more than just a cigar club. This exclusive members only speakeasy located in the back of Macallans Public House offers ever changing cocktail nights, movie nights, cigar nights and more.  Not a member? That’s ok on certain days the speakeasy is open to the public offering day passes.


Villa Park

A bakery with a bar attached? That’s exactly what you’ll find at The Post. Not a speakeasy per se but have you ever seen a bar attached to a bakery?  This neighborhood bar opens early with everything from brunch to pastries. Throw in some live music on weekends and you have a spot locals love to hang.  


Buena Park

This dark witch-themed bar takes happy hour to a new level. Located across from Knotts Berry Farm this spooky themed bar offers craft cocktails and spooky pub grub.



No Orange County speakeasy list is complete without Club 33. Disney’s hidden speakeasy bar with VIP rooms and private dining clubs.  Sip on specialty drinks that only Disney can dream up. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot, it will be an experience you won’t forget. 


Santa Ana

Santa Ana’s below ground bar with live music, flowing drinks and a good time. Get ready to dance all night shoulder to shoulder enjoying the artist of the night. 


Costa Mesa

One of Orange County’s newest speakeasy bars. This cowboy and well poodle themed  hipster speakeasy bar is located in the Camp in Costa Mesa.  The curated creations cocktail menu will have you sipping all night. A nod to the specialty Old Fashioned and martini menu with drinks like “because you’re worth it” and “rum junction” Get ready for a dog gone good time. Yee haw! 


Costa Mesa

Just across the way from Cowboys and Poodles located in the Lab Anti-Mall the Ruin bar holds its own and with good right. This edgy yet whimsical speakeasy has an amazing cocktail and mocktail menu for true drink connoisseurs.  


Huntington Beach

Located inside HQ Gastropub the Graceland speakeasy takes an untraditional take on speakeasies. Leave your phone at the door and walk into bright colors, chic decor,  everchanging music and a small bites menu that includes sushi. A speakeasy at the beach? Don’t mind if I do. 



San Clemente 

This trendy, hipster Japanese restaurant will have you in your feels with its stunning décor, great service and unique cocktail menu. Open Wednesday- Sunday. Sip on tasty cocktails while enjoying tasty hand rolls. 

Whatever your vibe Orange County has a speakeasy for you. Did you like this article? We think you’ll also like 7 Orange County Rooftop Bars with views for days

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